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Aug 13, 2011 by

Qu is a lightweight modern, fresh and casual theme by icstars989 that I feel is pretty great, sans some obvious flaws.

First of all, the theme weighs in at under 10MB, and this has both HD/SD versions (a little bit too lightweight if you ask me).

Qu - 1

Qu - 2

Default icons are themed, but not much else, and the rest of the icons are masked. It would be nice to have more themed icons and themed icons for popular Cydia applications.

Qu - 3 The UI is also themed, beautifully of course. I fell in love with the status bar, which can only be described as “elegant.”

There are four things about this theme that bug me: it’s not very inclusive.

  1. There are no loading screens, and only a few default icons are themed.
  2. The calculator is only themed for HD (retina) devices, leaving me with Apple’s butt-ugly default calculator.
  3. The SBSettings theme, however stunningly amazing, does not include many icons either, only four out of my seven toggles are themed, and three come default with SBSettings.
  4. In-app badges (such as the badge for App Store updates) are HD-only, leaving me with half of a red badge that I would imagine is beautiful like the rest of the theme, but I can’t tell because I only see a half of it.







Qu - 4

All in all, it’s a great theme, really, if a little more time was spent making it. I would rate it 4/5.

Qu is available on Theme it for only $2!

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