SmokeyHaz3 Theme Review

Aug 13, 2011 by

SmokeyHaz3 is a theme by well-known themer iHaz3 that is available in HD, SD and iPad and weighs in at almost 200MB!

Themes by iHaz3 are known to be extremely inclusive, and SmokeyHaz3 is no exception, with almost countless combinations of widgets and options, an SBSettings theme, hundreds of icons, and loading screens.

SmokeyHaz3 - 1 The theme, and its focus on grey is a bit refreshing from all that cyan/red/purple-pink crap filling Cydia and Theme it, and offers a clean feel to your device without making your device feel distant and unusable.
















SmokeyHaz3 - 2

The UI is nice and clean, and, most importantly to me, usable. Looks nice doesn’t it? Picture that in cyan/red/purple-pink. Not so nice and/or clean anymore, is it?

SmokeyHaz3 - 3iHaz3 spared no expense making this theme epic, and complete. The only thing I would point out about this stunning theme is that grey, does, get boring rather quickly. Don’t worry, you can occasionally switch between this and DarkHaz3 (review coming soon!) to fix that problem.

For the amount of time and care that iHaz3 put into this impeccable theme, I would rate it 4.5/5.

This theme is available on Cydia for $2.49 on the Cydia Store. Grab it as soon as possible; there’s a lot of shame in sporting Apple’s default butt-ugly calculator!


SmokeyHaz3 – 2

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