The Desktop Series (Wallpapers for Desktops)

Aug 2, 2011 by

Hey there!  I’ve been seeing quite a few iDevice wallpaper sites emerging lately, so I thought, “Why not make one of my own, only this time for computers?”  So I did!  This is what I am calling The Desktop Series.  It will be started by me, but in the long run, you, the users will be the true strength behind building it up.  The wallpapers featured here will be made by users just like you, and I will help out, too.  Want to help? Just make a wallpaper 1280px x 800px or close to that, and email it to me at [email protected]  Its as simple as that!  Questions, comments, or concerns?  Follow me on Twitter (tdubwv13) for more info or just to chat!  Now that you know what The Desktop Series is all about, what are you waiting for?


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