iOS Diagnostics arriving soon, helps diagnose device issues

Sep 3, 2011 by

Apple’s said to be working on a remote diagnostics application to assist their support staff in fixing any issues customers may be having with their device. The diagnostic can be initiated via email, SMS, or by manually entering a URL inside MobileSafari.

While data provided by the diagnostic is very limited, it can help in solving some of the most common and basic problems users experience.

More info.

(image courtesy, via 9to5Mac)

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  • if you type diags:// into safari on an idevice firmware 4.0+ I think, it will launch the diagnostics app

    • That has been there for a while, but was either non-functional or not put into use, or both. Seems like Apple is going to make use of it soon.

  • Hmmm… it would be nice for the people that don’t know much about their iPods