iPhone 5 design leaked in Photo Stream beta?

Sep 1, 2011 by

After the recent beta of Photo Stream, there is one detail in the actual Photo Stream instructions that has caught the eyes of many Apple users and enthusiasts, thus leading to a possible leak about the iPhone 5.

Source: Appdated.de

The icon used to depict the iPhone, looks quite      different than the current iPhone.  The icon’s    depiction features a very HTC-esque device;  featuring a larger screen that leaves very little  room on the front for the speaker grille and the  home button, which appears to be rectangular. The dimensions of this phone very well support past rumors and conceptual designs of the iPhone 5.



Below is an artist’s design based on the Photo Stream icon.

If in fact this is the next iPhone, this definitely puts a strong back to the rumors of Apple releasing two iPhone models.  Due to the fact that this design rules out the absence of a home button or a gesture area, many are steadfast in believing that there will be an iPhone 4s, featuring different hardware and other rumored specs, released alongside the iPhone 5 this fall.

Source: 9to5Mac, MacRumors, Appdated

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