iPhone 4S battery drain explained! Location Services feature to blame?

Oct 30, 2011 by


As if Antennagate on the iPhone 4 wasn’t bad enough, many iPhone 4S users complain of Batterygate, a result of an absolutely horrendous battery life on the iPhone 4S that many users are experiencing.

It turns out that this battery drain could be a bug in iOS which relentlessly pings a server to check – wait for it – your time zone.

That’s right. iOS 5 contains a location feature that, when you traverse into a different time zone, pings a server to grab your time zone and adjust your phone’s time accordingly.

A handy feature to use when you’re travelling, but on many iPhone 4S devices, it’s constantly running, with the owner of the smartphone left unaware of its actions, draining the device at unprecedented levels.

Apple has been contacting iPhone 4S owners these last few days to investigate these battery woes; and so far, this explanation is unconfirmed, but it’s up to Apple to declare whether this is indeed a software glitch or a hardware problem.

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