Siri port to iPhone 4 confirmed working, release still far away

Oct 29, 2011 by

Moments after chpwn, has announced that he was working alongside Steve Troughton-Smith on a port of Siri to the iPhone 4, he tweeted, “(Not working yet, though. But there has been some progress.)” which he then announced worked.


This could mean we’re one step closer to seeing Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices, but who knows.

Due to intellectual property restraints, even if Siri was successfully ported to older devices, it’d have added difficulties for the end-user, who will have to jump through hurdles to bypass potential legal issues that may arise.

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UPDATE 1: Steve Troughton-Smith has tweeted, “Have Siri connecting to Apple’s servers on iPhone 4 after a hack session with @chpwn!” along with a screenshot depicting Siri on an iPhone 4.


UPDATE 2: A video has been released of Siri running on chpwn’s iPod touch 4.