Sprint axing unlimited data

Oct 23, 2011 by


Sprint’s unlimited data plan, a big selling point for connected folks is being killed off, the carrier announced, for all plans except smartphones such as the iPhone 4S.

These new limits will take effect on customers’ next bill, which almost certainly will piss off a lot of their customers. I mean, sacrificing speed for unlimited data is fair enough, but when the unlimited data goes, you’ll be stuck with slow speeds.

Does this mean Sprint is following the paths of AT&T and Verizon whom both had offered unlimited data plans in the past but killed them off shortly after the arrival of the iPhone?

Probably. But this move to let smartphones keep unlimited data plans may be Sprint’s way of accommodating for their new customer-base.

Who knows what Sprint is going to do next, but just hope that they grandfather out the unlimited plan so current customers can continue to enjoy that luxury.

What do you think? Is Sprint going to follow in the footsteps of AT&T and Verizon? Or is this some ingenious business tactic? Let us know in the comments section below!