Android antiviruses essentially useless

Nov 12, 2011 by


According to research carried out by, most free antiviruses for Android have abysmal malware detection rates, rendering them essentially useless. Out of all the following antiviruses, Zoner Antivirus scored the best, detecting 55/172 of threats, which is about 32%; which is very, very low:

  • Antivirus Free
  • BluePoint Antivirus Free
  • GuardX Antivirus
  • Kinetoo Malware Scan
  • LabMSF Antivirus beta
  • Privateer Lite
  • Zoner AntiVirus Free

Not only is it a malware infested platform, its antiviruses aren’t even cutting it anymore. Who knows; maybe this stuff’ll improve.

(via Neowin)