How to increase your site’s Alexa ranking by doing almost nothing

Nov 6, 2011 by


If you run a website, chances are, you’ve heard of what Alexa does. Alexa gathers statistics about Internet traffic and uses that information to rank websites based on their popularity.

But from where does Alexa gather this information?

Alexa provides toolbars and extensions and what-not for the most popular browsers. These toolbars and extensions do as advertised: show you the Alexa ranking of the sites you visit, but come with a hidden feature, one that requires a Privacy Policy.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Alexa gathers its information from users of their toolbars and extensions; so how is that a good thing and how can that increase your Alexa ranking? Well, upon installing the toolbar, and visiting your own website(s) a few times, you can see a dramatic increase in your Alexa ranking; I’ve seen about a 20,000 increase in TechSpheria’s ranking in a week, when only one new article was published.

See, the key with rankings on Alexa is not to have traffic; it’s to make Alexa think you have traffic! Then, after that, you can focus on producing high-quality original content for your blog as opposed to worrying about Alexa’s statistics, so you can naturally and legitimately increase your ranking. You know, just a suggestion.