SBHD (Silver and Blue HD) Theme Review

Dec 30, 2011 by

SBHD is on of the few full themes on the Cydia Store that support iOS 5. The creator, Sephiroth726, has been working hard to make his first theme leave a mark in the community, and I’ll say he succeeded. After running this theme for a couple of days, I can say that he is a true perfectionist.

Chase (Sephiroth), has recently added support for the new elements on iOS 5. This includes notification center, new statusbar images, etc. He also has redone and remastered the theme’s UIImages. These new UIImages have a more clean and sleek feel than than the original. I will give you my personal opinion at the end of the article.

Author description:

iOS 5 Compatible! (minimum iOS 4.0) Introducing Silver and Blue HD iPhone 4/iPod 4th Gen theme! A main focus of mine for this theme is to bring you a nice color scheme, sharp detail, and depth. I find that silver and blue accent each other quite well and end up creating nice contrasts. After months of dedicated work I’m proud to share my vision with you and I am confident you will enjoy this as much as I do! Theme includes: *Clean First-Class UI *2 icon sets *Springboard *Autocreate AppStore icons * Custom Wallpapers (downloaded directly into you stock wallpapers) * Custom Loading screens (separate download due to Big file size) *Compass *Clock *Calculator *SBSettings *Color Keyboard-by RedWolfe44, p-list by adlyr *PLUS MUCH MORE! (Be sure to search SBHD in Cydia to 麻将 download the Loading Screens, SBSettings, and the extras) * To clear image caches and get the most out of this theme download fsWipeCache from Cydia. For more screenshots and discussion you can check out my thread on Modmyi. Thank You, ENJOY! If there is any Cydia icons I have not yet themed that you would like skinned you can download ThemeIconMaker from Cydia or use the included PSD file!


My overall opinion:

The fully featured theme includes a full UI overhaul, a wide collection of custom icons, Color Keyboard theme, HTML lockscreen, HTML SB weather widgets (Extra addon), and much more! I think that it’s iOS 5 compatibility, it’s many features, and it’s incredible beauty makes this theme worthy of a 10/10 rating! I have never seen such a unique styled theme quite like this one. I highly recommend you to buy this theme on the Cydia Store for $1.50!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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