SlickWraps Review (White Carbon, iPod touch 4)

Dec 1, 2011 by

SlickWraps is a company that manufactures custom skins for different mobile devices, I will be reviewing their “White Carbon” skin for the iPod Touch 4G.

First of all, I have to say the the quality of the skin is amazing! I have tested it in my daily use (a lot), and it has not peeled or stained!
Even is those hot day, I had it in my pocket, and when I took it out, the skin was still firmly set.

The carbon fiber texture allows more grip on the device, making it almost impossible for the device to slip off your hand. It also offers scratch protection for the front (screen protecter $5.00 extra) and for the rear.
How strong are these skins?
This video should prove it:
SlickWraps Strength test

When you purchase a SlickWraps skin, it will include the following:
-SlickWraps Skin
-Cleaning Cloth
-SlickWraps Sticker
-Clear screen protector – $5.00 extra
-Home Button mood ring – Really cool, $3.00 extra

In my opinion, as stated above, I love this product. Only one problem, I don’t know if it’s me but I never get the skin holes (camera, mic, etc) to align with the device.

These are a couple of pictures of my iPod with the skins on it:

They look very awesome and the quality hasn’t failed me so far! I would recommend to buy it any day.




More product reviews coming soon! Stay tuned to TechSpheria!

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