Data Loss

Feb 6, 2014 by

Recently, TechSpheria has undergone technical difficulties but finally, we are back online.

The events that have unfolded here in the past few weeks has resulted in a loss of nearly two years worth of data that unfortunately is no longer recoverable, but we have restored the blog back to its state in 2012.

Our host had originally offloaded the SQL server — the issue here was that the database upon which TechSpheria was hosted was no longer accessible and able to be backed up.

This wasn’t thought to be a problem until, without warning, the server was migrated. All our files were moved but none of our databases were moved.

Upon discovering that some of our databases are able to be restored and others are gone forever, we decided to settle our losses and restore the TechSpheria database to its last restore point.

However, another problem arose whereby we were unable to access our SQL databases, even with correct credentials. We thus requested for our hosting account to be recreated.

We then ran into problems routing our domain names to the current server as the nameservers we were to use were not correctly configured within cPanel.

Thus, after approximately two weeks of downtime, hours and hours of headaches, and two years of lost data, we are back online.

We are still working to restore our other domains and services, starting with static domains and finishing off with projects such as Neuron Magic Login Centre (the .ma registry requires several days to update nameservers) and PodcastForGood. Stay tuned for more information!

This is a heavily condensed version of the take that unfolded behind the scenes — I hope this serves as another reminder that no matter what, always take backups of your valuable data.

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