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This post brought to you by Firedrive. All opinions are 100% mine.

Competition is good. Competition is the forge through which people/products/business can get better. Without competition, the rate at which we are growing, technologically, socially, economically, would slow down.

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Firedrive. In a world where cloud storage is becoming the norm, a new player has entered this competitive arena. Firedrive offers users an alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Office. When choosing a cloud service, you as a consumer want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of which ever product you’re going with. That means choosing the product that gives you the most utility, after all, you don’t want to have to use multiple cloud services when only one would suffice.

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Firedrive took that mentality into account when creating their product; they offer a wide variety of services to ensure that consumers don’t have to split their attentions between the other competitors. They offer 50GB of storage for free. Yes. Five, zero. That’s 48 more than Dropbox accounts start off with. That huge amount of storage space establishes Firedrive as an elite option for backup solutions and cloud storage services. With that much space, you can store movies, video games, and pretty much whatever else your heart desires.

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Not only do you have a plethora of storage space, you can access the things in that storage space on any one of your devices! Pull up a movie on your phone, access homework on your laptop, the possibilities are endless.

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In the tech world right now, there is a gigantic elephant in the room, and that elephant has a name. Privacy. Privacy issues have been a hot-button issue, and tech companies of all sizes have been put under the microscope, with regards to this issue. Firedrive ensures your peace of mind with their policy of everything being stored privately, unless you choose to share. This way, you don’t have to 博雅德州扑克下载 worry about your friends finding out about your secret love for Vampire Diaries. Everybody wins.

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So what happens when you DO want to share a folder? Well, Firedrive allows you to convert any folder into a filedrop (how cool would it have been, if they called it a ‘firedrop’), which allows website owners to receive files from their users without having to register and they just appear in that folder. So in layman’s terms, you can share files even if the recipient doesn’t have a Firedrive account, and it’s very easy to send/receive those files.

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Not only have they addressed the sharing side of things, they’ve addressed the uploading side of things. They’ve enabled FTP Uploading for the users who are tech-savvy enough to do so. For the common person who has no idea what that means or why they should care, FTP Uploading allows users to have greater platform independence, it’s more powerful than web interfaces, and there are more advanced option, permissions etc. If you understood none of what was just listed, don’t worry. Just know that Firedrive are going above and beyond their call of duty as a cloud storage provider, and are making your life as one of their users, as easy as possible.

Being the wonderful cloud storage provider they are, Firedrive look to make your life as stress-free as possible. And 1-Time downloads are something they’ve gone out of their way to provide. This service allows you to make sure that you’ve only downloaded a file once, eliminating those annoying ‘randomname(1)’ files.

There is an overarching theme of ease of accessibility and customizability when it comes to Firedrive. You can drag and drop your files and folders with a few clicks of a mouse, and copying and creating them is just as easy. The files can be easily viewed in a control panel using a quickview menu. Once again, if you didn’t understand any of those terms, just now that Firedrive has made a product that is perfect for every user.

Huge storage. Easy Accessibility. Easy Sharing. Stringent Privacy. Easy Uploading. Customizability.

What’s not to love.

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