These are the policies by which TechSpheria operates and functions. We strive to follow the policies set forth to us by the Organization for App Testing Standards for ethical treatment of application reviews to ensure honesty and journalistic integrity.

  1. 1. We can NOT be held liable in ANY WAY (whether it be in a court of law or otherwise) for the APPROPRIATE (as in suitable for Internet) content we publish. Namely, the things we say about a certain developer’s application.
    We are REVIEWING your apps. We CAN NOT give you a good score unless
    it is DESERVED. If we say something bad about your app, we are being
    . It is NOT defamation or anything of the sort. We simply stated our opinion of your application.
  2. If we take a long time to review your app, we apologize. We have a lot going on and we’re all volunteers. If you want, you may remind us by emailing the person who contacted you.
  3. We do not inform anybody of the order in which we are reviewing apps.
  4. We do not take kindly to spam.
  5. We do NOT charge money for writing reviews. We simply ask that you provide us with a promo code for us to try it out.
  6. DO NOT BRIBE US. We also do not charge money for “express reviews.”
  7. We WILL issue a notice of apology in the odd case where we screw up.
  8. We do NOT censor comments. We just ask that you try NOT to engage in flaming or arguments.
  9. All written content excluding iTunes app descriptions published on our site IS original content unless specified otherwise.
  10. Use or viewing of this site constitutes to your agreement of stated terms and policies.
  11. We are not obligated to notify anybody in regards to updates to the site and/or this policy in which you are reading at the moment. We do not owe anybody. Except those we need to review apps for. You can expect those soon.