Dennis Fan@dennis_fan
Bio: Editor-in-chief, TechSpheria. Freelance writer, blogger, web developer.
Mathieu Hendey @capsl0ck0n
Bio: I enjoy building and messing around with PCs, writing about technology and listening to music.
Will Coughlin @will_coughlin
Bio: iPhone owner, jailbreaker even a little web app development. Have a theme on Cydia and I’m currently working on a SpringBoard tweak.


Craig Arnold@craigarn
Bio: Tech, photography, music, cooking. That’s the highlight reel. Friends with Stephen Badry. My specialties are laughing at the wrong time and “repairing” (see: breaking) electronics.
Hector Rivera @darkhacker1305
Bio: Apple Fanboy, Windows Junkie, iOS Addict
Honson Tran @lildragonlotus
Bio: Another Apple freak, but not just an ordinary one. I also specialize in hardware fixes and repairing TVs, taking apart laptops, and fixing anything. I am also an Apple Developer in progress learning Objective C. My other hobbies are dancing, cooking, and gaming.
Joel Ward @2fhi
Bio: Jailbreaker, Apple fanatic, musician, tennis player and a movie- and sound editor from Espoo, Southern Finland.
Matheos Mattsson @itouchtuter
Bio: Finland’s finest jailbreaker, blogger, tweeter and tutorial maker!
Mike Denton @miikedenton
Bio: Australian musician and jailbreaker.
GameCenter: miikedenton
Omar Bizreh @deep_unknown
Bio: Freed my device since iOS 2.2, and addicted to Visual Studio 2010.
Patrick Campanale
Bio: WebOS coder, up and coming developer, computer enthusiast.
Stephen Badry @badbadbadry
Bio: I got into the jailbreak scene when Spirit came out, and I have been a devoted member ever since. I am currently working on perfecting a VoiceOver exploit that I found, and designing my other website teencruisereviews.com. In case you were wondering, teencruisereviews.com is a site where teens have an open forum to review cruises.
Timothy Brown @tdubwv13
Bio: I’ve been a part of the iDevice community since i was young and a part of the jailbreak community since 2008. I am currently working on a theme with DarkHacker1305 called Onyx-HD